Join Or Start Your Local Neighborhood Community Solar Program!

Neighborhood Community Solar is the newest and most innovative avenues for Florida homeowners to support renewable energy, reduce their carbon footprint, SAVE MONEY, and GO GREEN.  

The community approach empowers everyday people that live in the same area to get solar together.

PowerSol USA Co-op, our experts support you through each stage of the solar process (so you do not have to go through the pushy sales process).

Co-op members leverage bulk-purchasing power to get discounted pricing and a quality installation, while still signing individual contracts that ensure the right system for their home

As a group, members work together with the PowerSol Engineering team to create uniform-looking solar designs, esthetically pleasing for each home in the community, this helps when communicating with the HOA and getting approvals.

Homeowners associations (HOA) sometimes attempt to restrict your ability to go solar. Florida laws protect homeowners’ rights to generate solar energy.

With the group approach, we have found that neighborhood HOA’s are happy to oblige and join in when we can add solar to common areas. 

Each community project has a dedicated member support staff that ensures that programs are responsive and cost-effective this helps maximize participation.

The end result?

Meaningful lower pricing, fewer individual hassles, and the highest-quality installations

Having traditional rooftop solar provides homeowners significant savings on electricity costs and you own your power. 

The PowerSol USA Community Solar Program works the exact same way, however, it is a pressure-free approach to going solar that offers special group incentives to the neighborhood, group support, and special pricing as it is commission-free (so you do not get a sales pitch). 

Community solar is a FUN and unique way to switch to solar.


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